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Our TEA BREWS Infuser Bottle Piece by Piece

Description of TEA BREWS Infuser Bottle
Our sleek Infuser Bottle does not only look modern and contains your beverage. Oh no, it is designed to do much more. This innovative Infuser Bottle is going to help you reduce single use plastic bottles and live a healthier life. But how?

First things first

Let us walk you through the basics. The TEA BREWS Infuser Bottle is made of Food Grade Materials only and is, of course, BPA free. For the inner as well as the outer walls, we use high quality 316 stainless steel, which makes the bottle corrosion resistant and it will not affect the taste of your drink. The transparent container itself, where you will add your ingredients, is made of food grade tritan. That means it is heat-resistant and shatterproof, consequently suitable for all kind of beverages. Our silicone sealing ring is the reason why our bottles are 100% leakproof while the silicone bottom makes sure the bottle stays in place. All these high quality materials make our Infuser Bottle a reliable and durable companion for an every day use in the office or for your outdoor adventures.
Thanks to vacuum insulated technology your drink stays hot or cold for a minimum of 6 hours. To make sure your Infuser Bottle works properly please do NOT place it in a microwave or freezer and hand wash only.

How to use

Check out how to properly use our little allrounder. Always make sure to close the bottle tightly. 

1. Unscrew infuser from bottle and remove lid. Add your favorite tea, fruits, herbs or whatever you prefer.
2. Put lid back on container and pour cold or boiling water into the bottle.

3. Attach infuser back on bottle and slowly flip it to a 45° angle. Allow water to fill container. Place bottle upside down and let stand for how long you wish your beverage to steep. Remember: Our bottles are 100% leakproof, so don't worry, we got you.

In order to enjoy your freshly prepared drink, simply flip the bottle again slowly and let water leave the container. Unscrew the Infuser and drink or pour your beverage. No mess, no worries. Enjoy! 

If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact our support team at support@theteabrews.com