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TEA BREWS <br> White Edition
TEA BREWS <br> White Edition
TEA BREWS <br> White Edition


White Edition

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Our cylinder shaped Tea Infuser Bottle comes in a Black and White Edition. Its surface is mat for that perfect grip. With a capacity of 400ml our Tea Flask is just the right size for another day in the office, or an outdoor adventure. It easily fits in most backpacks + bags which makes it the perfect travel flask. Thanks to our silicone sealing ring 100% leakproof. Our Infuser Bottle is equipped with an anti slip bottom so that every clumsy creature among us is covered. The container in which you will add your ingredients is made of tritan and is shatterproof as well as heat resistant.

Our secret weapon which makes our TEA BREWS Infuser Bottle so special is the Integrated Infuser. It is designed to steep your drink when it stands upside down and separate your ingredients from water when it stands upright. Because of this clever solution you are in full control of how long your beverage should steep. The best part is that you don't even have to remove the infuser or your ingredients when you want to drink or pour your beverage. You can even infuse your drink again if you like. No mess, no worries.


🌿 400ml Capacity 
🌿 Tea and Water SEPERATION
🌿 Food Grade Material (Tritan, 316 Stainless Steel)
🌿 BPA Free
🌿 Vacuum Insulation
🌿 Long-Time Insulation for min 6 hours
🌿 Sealing Ring
🌿 Leakproof
🌿 Drop Resistant
🌿 Does not retain nor impart any flavour
🌿 Easy Cleaning
🌿 Anti slip Bottom
🌿 Portable 

Hight: 22cm | 8.6in
Diameter: 7cm | 2.7in
Weight: 330g | 11.6oz